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From: Your Labour, and its Fruits

A popular wage for most of the workers here.

Game Instructions: This will give you a Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits.

Unlocked with Foreman's Favour 10


Earning your crust

As if by unspoken agreement, the rats on your work team all stop work. They queue up before the Fore-Rat, briefly breaking her duties to provide pay. You join them in the queue.


There is a box […] filled with shards of bone. […]

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies with your Work Team quality.

Work TeamSecond paragraph
1The Grizzled Gaffer stands beside you […] he nods to the Fore-Rat. "Glad you assigned this one to me. A good worker, despite... well, you know... being enormous." He changes track at the Fore-Rat's expression. "Biscuits! Can't live without them. […]
2The Masterly Machinist […]. When you receive your crate of biscuits, he nods in approval. "A healthy body, a healthy worker." A rat in the queue behind you snickers. The Machinist spins to face them. "Well, have you known a single rat here go hungry?"
3The Eager Engineer joins the queue late, cutting in behind you. "Don't mind me!" she says, in response to the various complaints. "They were saving a place for me." […] "Cor, without cheese? […]" she says, with evident distaste for impossible human ways.

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