Recover the Appalling Socialite's first jewel

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From: Traversing the Wastes of Want

"It's supposed to be in a ruined castle in the Mountains. Ugh, I hate ruins. Why can't people build things properly?" the Socialite explains.

Unlocked with Advance! 24, Parabolan Campaign exactly 3 (The Chessboard)


Knight to Castle

The castle sits at the peak […]. It turns out to be occupied. […]

The jewel transpires to be a great ruby orb you find sitting on a throne. […]

"I think there's supposed to be another one in here somewhere. You can hold off the enemy while I look for it.[…]"

[Find the rest of the story at]

  • Cannonsmall.png You must traverse the Hanging Mountains to reach your objective. (Sets Stage of the War to 2)
  • Drumsmall.png 'Advance!' has been reset: a conclusion, or a new beginning?

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