Recruit an informant within the Wolf clan

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From: The Progress of your Infiltration of the Wolf Khan's Court

Once your agents have identified and primed a target, you will make the final approach. It will require a delicate touch, at least at first, to turn a prospect to an informant, and eventually into an agent.

Unlocked with Object of a Khaganian Intrigue exactly 420 (An opportunity: place an informant in the Wolf Khan's court), Infiltrating... 130


A conversation in a parlour

[…] He has the telltale wildness of the eye that goes along with life at Zee […]

"[…] this city has changed. […] we're all still reeling from the […] Fifth City's arrival."


You lend a sympathetic ear. […] he thinks that he can […] help his family regain some respect. […]

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