Release as many prisoners as you can

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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Escape

The Orphanage will go on - there will always be more orphans. But maybe a few of its victims can find peace.

Unlocked with 1 x Orphanage Roof Key, 1 x Bag of Lethean Tea-Leaves


A twist of fate

[…] Clarabelle takes the Lethean Tea Leaves […] "Where am I?" she whispers.

[…] the three of you stagger for the roof. […] The Music Hall Singer is grappling with […] Edward.

[…] a shove […] sends the Music Hall Singer tumbling from the ledge.[…]

Description summary:
You open all the cell and a full riot starts. You feed the Lethean Tea-Leaves to Clarabelle. She forgets her desire for the place and the three of you go to the roof to catch the dirigible. You encounter Poor Edward, and after a brief struggle he pushes the Music Hall Singer off the roof just as you and Clarabelle get away in the dirigible. You get a last glimpse of Edward as he is carried away by the mob.

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