Rely on her knowledge of chemistry

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From: Rely on F.F. Gebrandt

She is most at home among bubbling flasks and smoking powders.

Unlocked with Experimental Object 901-1000



(see table below)

Description summary:
The description varies with Experimental Object.

Experimental ObjectDescription
910"The rose smell is purely coincidental […]" She has combined samples with a great many reagents […] "It is made from flowers. But the manufacturing process must obliterate any lingering scent. The end product just happens to have all the right esters."
920"Steel is fascinating. […] Temperature, composition, and even emotional states can affect its material properties. And this iron has such exotic impurities." "Look here […] See how the martensite crystals […] always point towards Hell?"
930She pours a sample of Mr Spices' new intoxicant into a test tube […] "Have you ever heard of F.F. Gebrandt's Elevating Decoction?"

She sighs. "No, of course you wouldn't have. It was banned from sale. Inaugural batch confiscated by neddy-men."

940"Never could justify looking into it, myself. Scintillack snuff is expensive, and legally dubious." […] she examines the minute silver-white crystals […] "Maybe a few parts per million might enhance the effect of my Accelerating Draught.."
950[…] Reagents turn violant or cosmogone, instead of the expected, sensible colours. Your lab smells of burnt memories. "Parabola is where common sense goes to die." She works intensely, as if she resents this surreal intrusion into worldly chemistry.
960, 970, 980F.F. Gebrandt eagerly examines your data and uses it to propose new experiments. Her expert help makes short work of setting up beakers, burners, and stills. She easily identifies reaction products by colour and scent.
990F.F. Gebrandt is […] knowledgeable and helpful on chemical matters. Though on the subject of Mr Spices' tears she is almost too knowledgeable, making a few leaps of logic that prove to be correct, but seem unsupported by the evidence before you.

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