Rely on his knowledge of weapons

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From: Rely on your Esurient Smith

Blades are his favourites, but he is familiar with other weaponry as well.

Unlocked with Experimental Object 101 to 200


Useful insights

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Description summary:
The description varies with Experimental Object.

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Experimental ObjectDescription
130He pays close attention to this project. Weaponry interests him; he has a great deal to say about the heft, handle, style, and relation to other kinds of weapon.
140[…] It had never occurred to him that Bessemer might be reflected, […] the task at hand: the density of Ort-skin (far more than plate yet lighter than a feather) and the properties of an iron that might never have been, will be or yet to come into being. […]
150[…] The Smith diligently hypothesises bonds and parties, contracts and deeds that tether the Principle to the body of Fingerkings collective. Once sufficient probabilities have been summoned, the Smith fetches his whittle and sets to work.
160[…] the task is too akin to anatomy to entirely satisfy his tastes. But, […] A knife may be repurposed when it has grown dull; so too a General on whom treaties and debts impose constraint.