Rely on your connections to the Masters

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From: Secure a special dispensation for the Exiled Antiquarian

It is perhaps an exaggeration to say they listen to you. But not to say that people believe they do.

Unlocked with A Vast Network of Connections Wherever the Bazaar's Influence can be Found, Bazaar Permit


Signed and Sealed

A Narrow-Faced Auditor from the Ministry is very much receptive to your overtures. You are assured the matter will be concluded to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Success Instructions: Continue the story by returning to Moulin.

  • Documentsmall.png You've lost 1 x Bazaar Permit
  • Hellgorgesmall.png The Ministry of Public Decency will allow digs in the Moulin Waste. (Sets Beyond the Cordon to 9 - You have special dispensation for the Wayward Historian, from the Masters)