Copper Cipher Ring

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Category: Great Game
0.50 Final Breath
0.50 Moves in the Great Game
12.50 Vital Intelligence
37.50 Copper Cipher Ring
5 Vienna Opening
50 Epaulette Mate
50 Queen Mate
125 Stalemate
125 Much-Needed Gap
- Corresponding Sounder
- Buttered Chess-Piece
- Well-Placed Pawn

Intricate little interlocking wheels let you code and decode messages. And make delightfully satisfying little clicking sounds. Use this to increase your Renown: The Great Game quality by spending Favours: The Great Game. You can also gain Favours: The Great Game with Fate by using the ring.

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It can be purchased from ​⁠ Nikolas Pawnbrokers and sold to the Bazaar.
Buying 40.00
Selling 37.50 (no message)

It can also be purchased from Nightclaw's Paw-Brokers in The Rat Market (Bazaar)

Buying 400 x Rat-Shilling

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Practise with your Copper Cipher Ring

It's impossible not to fiddle with the thing.



Do something slightly risky (5 FATE)


Play coded chess with an anonymous opponent


Acquire a very particular ink


Arrange a soiree on neutral ground


Piece together a forgotten match