Reputation: Abomination:

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Rumours of your aberrant habits can no longer be entirely contained.

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  • 1-2: Sidelong glances
  • 3-9: Appalled whispers
  • 10-19: Frosty greetings
  • 20-29: Did she just cross the street?
  • 30-39: Did they change tables to avoid you?
  • 40-49: Why did that hansom cab pull away so quickly?
  • 50-59: Someone has scrawled 'MONSTER' on your front door
  • 60-69: A broken parlour window!
  • 70-79: Who dares spit upon your path?
  • 80-89: Perhaps it would be better if you avoided the Vicar in future
  • 90-99: Locking the doors, pulling down the shutters
  • 100+: "You are not welcome here!"

Level Change Descriptions[edit]

  • 1-2: Did they always look at you that way?
  • 3-9: What are they saying about you?
  • 10-19: In days to come, some of them will not be entirely polite.
  • 20-29: Are your acquaintances avoiding you?
  • 30-39: Perhaps it will be easier to find a table in certain restaurants...
  • 40-49: Is there something wrong with your face?
  • 50-59: Urchins stare and mutter.
  • 60-69: Flung stones? How dare they!
  • 70-79: So many who do not understand.
  • 80-89: You could eat a priest. A whole priest. Not just a little priest. A big, fat, toothsome priest.
  • 90-99: Perhaps it is time to buy something colder. Yes. Something colder.
  • 100+: They will *remember* you.