Retrieve your Almost-Tame Blue Prophet

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From: Aboard the Delight

You can hear a familiar Ka-kaw! coming from deeper in the hold.

Unlocked with On the Deck of the Delight exactly 3 Troubled Waters

Locked with Almost-Tame Blue Prophet Nightmares 7


Description summary:
The description and title vary depending on whether you have equipped your Shattered Mask.

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YesMiserere nobisDown the musical rows you move, […] innumerable members in the Delight's winged choir.

One voice rises above the rest. […] It flutters to land on your shoulder again. It sings about death, but also about life. […] About sin and forgiveness, passion, love. […]

NoDeath to the Delight!Shelves extend throughout the hold [...] So many bags; so much squirming.


When you unhood the Blue Prophet, there is wild rage in its voice: Death to the Delight! And the other captives [...] echo the sentiment with their own ear-piercing shrieks.