Reveal a foundational truth to the Knight of Numbers

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From: Unburden Yourself to an Attendant

The Knight of Numbers struts the street of London in his wooden armour. As he walks, the plates of his armour scrape and groan, creaking like boughs in a high wind.

Game Instructions: This will gain you the Rodentine Panegyrist, who is Respectable and Persuasive.

Unlocked with A Confession of Guile, A Confession of Pride, Metaphysically Educated Rattus Faber

Locked with Rodentine Panegyrist


A confession, judged


You find the Rattus Faber again[...], distributing […] poetry. "I've joined the Bazaarines,[...]For the word was in the deep and when our eyes were dark[...], our tails were held and bound[...]. I'll improve with practice. Besides, the truth doesn't have to rhyme."

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