Risk letting her try to convince you

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From: A serious offer - Deviless

You can resist her flattery. Almost certainly. And if you let her think your guard is down, you may learn very valuable secrets.

Game Instructions: Warning: If you are unlucky, she may be more persuasive than you realise.

Locked with 1 x Stain on Your Soul

Challenge information

A matter of luck: How can you fail? (success chance: 90%)


A quiet seduction


Just in time, you remember where you are. You stand up, suddenly. The Quiet Deviless steps back and reaches for her embroidery, but not before you see something in her hand. Something metallic, with a soft sheen. […]

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A dark lacuna

[…] you catch words here and there: "the marvellous freedom of Abstraction", "the sublime unencumbered life"[…] a warm light, soft but dazzling, and a cold, metallic sensation[…]

You wake […] You do not feel tired, or sore, or scared, or particularly alive. […]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

Failure Instructions: One day, there will surely come an opportunity to recover your soul, should you regret what happened.