A River In A Box

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A box lacquered in midnight blue. Within is a tiny model of London: cathedral spires, humped hills, the Bazaar a bulb of glim. The Stolen River is a ribbon of black glass, threaded with bridges and specked with boats. The underside of the box bears the sigil of the Masters of the Bazaar, and the single word OURS. Do the Masters feel the need to remind you of certain political realities? Is this a threat, or a mark of their regard? It's so hard to tell, at the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

[Received from a living story: A courier delivers a River in a Box to your lodgings. Who is responsible, and why?]

[Twitter message: You've received a River in a Box.]

This item can no longer be obtained.

Wiki note: This item was part of a puzzle distributing the first Mirrorcatch Boxes. See here for the whole story and here for the puzzle's solution.

This item has no documented sources. [Add it as a reward to some actions if you know some!]

It can be sold at the Bazaar:

Selling E 32.50

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