Mirrorcatch Box

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Category: Contraband
0.12 Flawed Diamond
0.50 Ostentatious Diamond
12.50 Magnificent Diamond
⌃⌃⌃ 2.00 1:25
312.50 Fabulous Diamond
2.50 London Street Sign
6.00 Use of Villains
12.50 Comprehensive Bribe
60.00 Rookery Password
1562.50 A Sealed Copy
of the Crimson Book
- Cosmogone-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Gant-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Irrigo-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Peligin-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Violant-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Viric-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Sun-Stamped
Mirrorcatch Box
- Device for the
Duplication of Bones
- Highly Illegal
Augmentation Device
- Mr Spices' Private Stash
- Unassuming Crate
- Hillmover
(16.50) Shard of Glim the
Size of a Small Child
(87.50) Hiding Place of a Peculiar Item

The best way to store light, and certain other mysterious substances. There are few of these, and they are hotly sought-after.

Empty Mirrorcatch Boxes can be obtained at the Fiddler's Scarlet in Jericho Locks, or found, rarely, in the Waswood.

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It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

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A Quick Guide to Catching Colors

Color Place Storylet
Cosmogone The Dome of Scales The Top of the Dome
Gant Khan's Heart All Gant
Irrigo Cave of the Nadir A pause for refreshment
Peligin The Magistracy of the Evenlode The Light-In-Exile
Violant Khan's Heart Walk into the Office of Naval Affairs
(gives Corresponding Sounder)
Viric Viric Jungle Attend to the Dreamer