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Friends, charge your glasses and don your masks! Love is in the air, and the Feast of the Exceptional Rose has begun!

Who will catch your eye at this year's Feast? Will it be the suave green-eyed devil? the mysterious but affable spy? The drowned tragedian? The tomb-colonist? or perhaps even the Quiet Deviless? And watch for the Woman in Lilac, whose story began long ago on Ladybones Road...

Fallen London's postal workers are braced for a flood of bizarre and dangerous gifts. This year's must-have items include terrifying candies, a luxuriantly coiffed sorrow spider, a cat covered in pink paint and a dagger that, rumour has it, once belonged to Mr Iron itself. Express your adoration or your scorn for fellow players with these unique keepsakes!




New Pets:

  • Catwetsmall.png Pink-Painted Cat
  • Costermongerfemaleclosesmall.png Canny Costermonger
  • Chap5small.png Neurasthenic Assassin
  • Bohogirl8small.png Affable Spy
  • Chapsmoulderingsmall.png Presbyterate Diplomat
  • Drowniemalesmall.png The Hollow-Eyed Tragedian
  • Mercysmall.png Lettice, the Mercy
  • Mrsplentysilhouettesmall.png An Irresistible Lady
  • Provostsilhouettesmall.png Profoundly Educated Gentleman
  • Devilesssmall.png Quiet Deviless
  • Devilgreensmall.png Green-Eyed Devil
  • Dollsmall.png Watchful Doll FATE
  • Maggotsmall.png Rose-Bearing Maggot FATE
  • Spiderhairsmall.png Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider FATE

New Weapons:

New Hats:

New Gloves:

New Items:

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