Scarlet Egg, Untreated

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Category: Whitsun Items (Notable Sources)
Aged Egg, Untreated
Partially Enlightened Aged Egg
Fully Enlightened Aged Egg
Partially Invigorated Aged Egg
Fully Invigorated Aged Egg
Scarlet Egg, Untreated
Partially Enlightened Scarlet Egg
Fully Enlightened Scarlet Egg
Partially Invigorated Scarlet Egg
Fully Invigorated Scarlet Egg
Percipient Egg, Untreated
Partially Enlightened Percipient Egg
Fully Enlightened Percipient Egg
Partially Invigorated Percipient Egg
Fully Invigorated Percipient Egg
Pelagic Egg, Untreated
Partially Enlightened Pelagic Egg
Fully Enlightened Pelagic Egg
Partially Invigorated Pelagic Egg
Fully Invigorated Pelagic Egg

Augmentation in the Very Latest of Fashions
Contorting Augmentation
Grotesque Augmentation
Mirror-Shine Augmentation
Ornate Augmentation
Outré Augmentation
Sly Augmentation
Theological Augmentation
Highly Experimental Augmentation
Sartorial Augmentation

Augment Upon An Egg
Enlightening Treatment
Invigorating Treatment
Waiting for Your Egg to Hatch
It is Hatching!

The size of a corpulent goat. The colour of pomegranate and yearning. What might hatch, if it's left to itself?

This item is only available during certain times of the year. For details, see Whitsun (Guide).

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