Scheme: Reunite a Dispossessed Orphan with loving parents

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From: The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse

You've taken good care of this Timorous Foundling. Perhaps you've even grown fond of him. Now this extremely well-heeled couple claim to be his parents. Their evidence is compelling, and they seem decent enough.

Game Instructions: This will substantially increase Making Waves. More unscrupulous options will sometimes be available.

Unlocked with 1 x An Orphanage, Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage 10, The Airs of London 0–60


Happy but cautious

His mother sniffs again. "This is him," she announces. The father nods without speaking. (Are his lips sewn shut, beneath that trim black beard? You're imagining things.) […] The boy grins. His eyes flash green. "I can't wait to get home," he says.

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Alternative Success

Cautious but happy

[…] a family resemblance: he has his father's gangling frame and his mother's peculiar violet eyes. "You've dreamed of an island," his mother says, and he nods hesitantly. "You're thirsty when you dream," she says, and this time his nod is eager.

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