Handsome Townhouse: Schemes (Guide)

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Engaged in a Scheme Summary
Limited-Length Conversion Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 2+ A 1 A


Raise Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon or Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage to desired cash out.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Special 13.33 Making Waves/A
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What needs work: Missing Sea of Misery gain from admitting urchins.

This guide provides side-by-side comparisons of scheme options available from the opportunity card The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse. Only one scheme may be chosen. Each scheme has a unique affiliation item and different opportunities for generating making waves.


Scheme: Set up...
Requirements Affiliation Item Reward
a Salon A Salon:

Respectable +2
Bizarre +1
Persuasive +2
an Orphanage An Orphanage:

Respectable +4
Watchful +1

Pursue a Scheme (increase Engaged in a Scheme)[edit]

Establishing a scheme unlocks options for increasing Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon or Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage, depending on which scheme was chosen. Increasing EiaS is necessary to later generate making waves through your chosen scheme. On average, each CP of EiaS will be worth 10 CP of Making Waves.

Pursue a Scheme: a Salon
Action Requirements Reward E / CP
Pursue a Scheme: encourage the great and the good to attend your Salon +5-7 CP Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon 4.18 E /CP[1]
Pursue a Scheme: encourage the wise and the wicked to attend your Salon +2-11 CP Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon 3.48 E /CP[2]
Pursue a Scheme: an Orphanage
Action Requirements Reward E / CP
Pursue a Scheme: Admit your Winsome Orphan to the Orphanage 11.51 E /CP
Pursue a Scheme: Introduce your Warm-Hearted Amber Iguana as a Pet +3-10 CP Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage 6.15 E /CP
Pursue a Scheme: offer some Urchins a place in your Orphanage 8.98 E /CP[3]
Look after your Orphanage 9.15 E /CP
  1. Society favours valued at 4.2E
  2. Bohemian favours valued at 4.2E
  3. Urchin favours valued at 4.78E

Spending Engaged in a Scheme[edit]

Once your Engaged in a Scheme (EiaS) is high enough, you can unlock options for spending it to generate Making Waves.

Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon
Min EiaS Action Requirements Reward CP/ CP
Any 6 Invite an Author acquaintance 10
0-25 6 Your Salon: invite the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer as a guest of honour 10.03
0-25 20 Your Salon: invite the Captivating Princess as a guest of honour
  • 1 FATE
  • 2 Actions
  • Acquaintance: the Captivating Princess
25-50 12 Your Salon: invite the Duchess as a guest of honour 13.08[1], or 10 on rare success
25-50 6 Your Salon: invite the Mercies as guests of honour 10, or 10.66 w/ [2]
25-50 6 Your Salon: Present your Lyrebird Educated in Three Schools 10
50-75 6 Your Salon: invite Silas the Showman as a guest of honour 10.2[3]
75-100 6 Your Salon: invite the Repentant Forger as a guest of honour 10.69[3]
75-100 8 Your Salon: invite a Presbyterate Diplomat as a guest of honour Presbyterate Diplomat 10.02
80-100 6 Invite a Crooked-Cross to address your Salon 13.33
  1. Additional Making Waves above 10 CP/ CP is gained at 1.94E /CP, given the loss of the Midnight Matriarch.
  2. Assuming enough EiaS to 100% the challenge.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Expected value including the chance of failure.
Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage
Min EiaS Action Requirements Reward CP/ CP
Any 6 Invite a Conjuror acquaintance to... perform 9.09
0-20 6 Invite a Midnighter acquaintance to honour a tradition of St Joshua 13.33
0-60 10 Scheme: Reunite a Dispossessed Orphan with loving parents 10.03
50-100 6 Scheme: Graduation 10.03
80-100 6 Invite a Correspondent acquaintance to educate the orphans 13.33
90-100 15 Recruit a Laconic Prodigy as your assistant (20 FATE) N/A

Picking Your Scheme[edit]

Both the Orphanage and the Salon offer comparable options for converting Engaged in a Scheme into Making Waves, though the orphanage's best options are available at The Airs of London 0-20 and 80-100, whereas the salon's only covers 80-100.

The utility of a Salon is directly dependent on how efficiently you can acquire the needed items and Favours. There are only two options for gaining Scheme CP, but they're always available. Visiting the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer gives one Bohemian and Society Favour, as does the weekly payment of Correspondents. See Influence Grinding (Guide) for information on obtaining Stolen Kisses and Favours in High Places.

Progressing an orphanage, on the other hand, primarily uses money and items that can be purchased from the Bazaar. You're essentially converting Echoes directly into Scheme CP, though the specific items are Airs-dependent. If you have a Warm-hearted Amber Iguana, it's the best option by far for advancing your Scheme with Airs 0-30.

Both schemes can potentially generate massive amounts of Making Waves with sufficient investment. Which you go with is largely a personal decision based on what kind of investment you'd rather make, and possibly roleplaying concerns. (Would your character be willing to manage an orphanage? Should they be trusted with children in the first place?)