Scheme: Set up an Orphanage

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From: The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse

The house is a generous size. You could turn over a few floors to a sanctuary for orphans, and a brace of nurses to care for them. You'll need to make the relevant legal arrangements, hire staff, and pay for internal remodelling. It'll be expensive.

Game Instructions: This will give you an Orphanage Affiliation, which makes you Respectable and with work will produce Making Waves. It will prevent you opening a Salon.

Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance - A Significant Individual and

Locked with 1 x A Salon, 1 x An Orphanage


Hammering and squeaking

Your tradesmen repaint, re-carpet, re-plumb […]

Your gaggle of orphans streams in. They do not seem impressed. "The last place was bigger," one drip-nosed girl volunteers. Her friend kicks her shin.

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Success Instructions: In a moment you'll have the opportunity to name your Orphanage. Just cancel out if you don't want to do this: you can always return to the Notary later. You can also dispose of your Orphanage at any time by using the Key to your Handsome Townhouse. IMPORTANT! If you ever lose your Townhouse, your Orphanage will go with it.

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