Scrapbook Value

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Certain Qualities hold values which are normally hidden from players.

You might have noticed that the wiki mentions values (or levels) for Qualities like Opening a Bundle of Oddities, The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter, Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure: and others. There's a method to learn your own values:

  1. Select the 'Myself' tab.
  2. Click the square with the 'Scrapbook Status' caption.
  3. From the grid of icons that comes up, click on the Quality of interest.
  4. Open your 'Profile' in a new tab or window (it will be something along the lines of
  5. Voila, the Quality will now have a number attached!
  6. When an option affects one of these Qualities, reloading your Profile tab will show you the new number.

Alternatively, you can start from step #4 above. Clicking on the Scrapbook icon on your Profile page will let you select a different Quality with no reloading! No mess, no fuss!

Alternatively, from step #3 above, simply hover over the icon and the preview text will show the value.