The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter

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The Quarter is still. It changes when you're not looking.

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The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter
0The streets are empty. Today, the road home is clear.
1 – 9A light bobs in an upstairs window, blue as a fly's belly.
10 – 19A spider promenades across a window-sill with obscene casualness.
20 – 29That must be the wind. Only the feeble winds of the Neath sob so.
30 – 39A wind-chime of mouse-bones clatters, chatters.
40 – 44Fungus dapples the stone like clots of snow. Step round it.
45 – 49A distant horn-call. A single scream.
50 – 59The statues watch. Their eyes are hollow with grief.
60 – 71Nothing. Nothing? ...nothing.
72 – 84A shadow of wings flits across a square. They are curved, like a falcon's.
85 – 89Mist develops softly in the dark places of the Quarter, like sleep. There is a lassitude in the air.
90 – 127Look up, to the bleak arch of the Neath-roof. The false-stars glow more brightly. Your skin tingles.