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From: Rely on Cora Bagley

This is not her typical subject.

Unlocked with Experimental Object ≤ 1000 or ≥ 1201


Useful insights

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Description summary:
The description varies with Experimental Object.

Experimental ObjectDescription
30Cora has access to an old mint. She does not explain this further, but she returns with a few unexpected observations on the dating of your coin.
40Cora proves shockingly adept at calculus. "This is fun," she muses. "Optimising the variables. Finding the perfect ratio of fuel weight to acceleration..."
130Cora is at pains to tell you she is inexperienced with weaponry. All she can do, she informs you, is calculate to the exact degree of probability this knife can kill in one cut. Her results are surprising; her reasoning impeccable.
140 - 160Cora is at pains to tell you she is inexperienced with dreams. She has achieved hers, thank you […] But when presented with the Principle, she turns sympathetic: it is a shame to find the rules of another constrains the limits of what one can be.
230 - 250Cora sets to cartography with practised ease. "Geography," she says, "is predictable."
310 - 320Cora considers this machine with distaste. She insists on working with a copy of St Cyriac's newest Testament to hand. It's not a question of theology, she says, but she wants something with which to put the fires out if something goes wrong.
330Cora sets to work with tools, pliers and hammer. She is not an accomplished mechanist and wishes to work from the inside out.
350 - 360Cora isn't much for the machinery, but she can help with the mathematics. There are quite a few calculations required for this device.
410 - 440, 460 - 470Cora is no zoologist, she tells you, and she has never cared for pets, save one. Still, she's a fast learner and her severe demeanor discourages the creature from putting so much as an appendage out of line.
450The smell bothers her. She will not deign to stand less than two feet away from the thing. She's willing to assist in writing down measurements and handing out dissection tools, but she will not look directly at it.
480, 490, 970Cora seems somewhat at a loss for what to do with the egg. Shall she shine a light into it? Tap it and listen for the sound?
485Cora seems somewhat at a loss for what to do with the egg. Shall she shine a light into it? Slosh the egg around and watch for movement?
495Cora is no zoologist and no surgeon. She does, however, have some experience with vast personal change, and inhuman relationships. Her lab work doesn't advance […] much, but her remarks about the city […] set your thoughts on a new and constructive path.
510 - 540, 610Cora questions your interest in matters anatomical – especially such grisly carcasses […] Life, she admonishes, is for the living […] Still, she's a practical woman and is being paid handsomely. She finds her way into developing a professional curiosity.
810 - 820"These are rocks," she says. Her enthusiasm could perhaps be a little more fulsome. Cora mutters something about her wife's famous kipper breakfasts going to waste before getting to work.
830Cora has little interest in geochemistry. "This is water. Water that drips from rocks". Cora mutters something about her wife's famous kipper breakfasts going to waste.
910Cora drinks in the perfume with satisfaction. She offers sophisticated assistance with the requisite commingling of scents. Living with a monkey, she says, has got her very used to detecting the loveliness amidst an otherwise unwholesome substance.
920Cora is only a competent metallurgist, a fact which dissapoints her. She offers no less than her customary diligence however, working longer hours to compensate.
930 - 960, 980, 990In matters of chemistry, Cora is proficient but unexceptional. She is used to combining elements possessed of seemingly contradictory qualities and making the best fist of it.
1210"I hate plants," Cora says. She is of limited use here. Her hay-fever does not help matters.
1320, 1340Cora is cooperative, but archaeology is not her field, and she is limited to making notes.
1350Cora can do nothing with the cuirass […]. But the story […] about orbit and impact and the beginning of the moon […] she can translate into mathematics. […] she's beside herself with the idea that […] the moon is also hollow, with its own little Neath […] But she can't be sure. […]

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