Seek Patronage from an Extraordinary Mind

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From: Seek a Patron

Petition a player who's become an Extraordinary Mind to teach you how to become more Watchful.

Game Instructions: If the game can't suggest anyone suitable on the invitations page, your potential Patrons may not include Extraordinary Minds: try the other branches.

Locked with Social Influence 94, base Watchful 100

Your friend needs Social Influence < 94, Acquainted With [your name], A Person of Some Importance - An Extraordinary Mind, and in addition none of:

When Sent

Await a response!

If your Acquaintance accepts, they may expect small tokens of loyalty (for example, treating you to dinner at Dante's Grill, to demonstrate their patronage) – but you can end the relationship at any time.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You have asked [friend's name] to become your Patron, and to teach you the Watchful Arts.

Your friend will receive:

  • Owlsmall.png [Your name] has petitioned you, as an Extraordinary Mind, to become their Patron. This will allow you to tutor them, improving their abilities more quickly. Perhaps, in return, they'll lend you their Making Waves, their loyalty, or simply their company. Perhaps you're simply a generous soul.
  • Couplesmall.png Approached to be a Patron [your name] (+1) (hidden)
  • Redirects to: Requesting your Patronage