Sell Unprovenanced Artefacts

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LuxuriesOption description
0Not very many well-off customers subject themselves to the miseries of the standing-only carriages.
1A very few well-off customers do ride this way, but your train does not encourage them to regard the experience as a pleasure.
2A few well-off customers take the train in this direction out of purest curiosity.
3Your train does attract a few well-heeled customers interested in a day outside London.
4Your train has created a vogue for members of Society to disport themselves in Jericho Locks.
5Your beautifully appointed train attracts customers of wealth and distinction.
6Your beautifully appointed train attracts wealthy customers; the supply of wine and honey ensures that they arrive somewhat impaired in their decision-making.
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From: Entice Purchasers

(see table above)

Game Instructions: The value you receive in return will rise slightly as you have more Train Luxuries.

Unlocked with 5 x Unprovenanced Artefact


Up-river or down?

Where did these delightful items come from? Were they buried, or perhaps carried along the canal from Hell? You can spin every sort of tale, and choose a new one each time someone asks.