Sell to a Theologian of the Old School

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From: Seeking Buyers

Action Cost: 0

He buys skeletons[…] and Holy Relics of Saint Fiacre. When it comes to skeletons, he prefers those with no Amalgamy.

He pays in Incorruptible Biscuits.

He might give you a crate of Incorruptible Biscuits if you persuade him.

Description summary:
An extra phrase is added based on Skeleton in Progress.

Skeleton in ProgressAdditional phrase after "buys skeletons"
0 (Hypothetical Skeleton)(which you would need to assemble)
10 (Creature)(though you would need to finish the one you're working on)

[Find the rest of the story at]

Game Instructions:
(Appears with Skeleton: Amalgamy) Since your current skeleton does have amalgamy, it will be unacceptable to this buyer.

Locked with Bizarre

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A Theologian of the Old School