Sell to the Enterprising Boot Salesman

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From: An Enterprising Boot Salesman

"Doesn't have to be what you might call Museum Quality. But nothing that would frighten the delicate or offend the respectable."

Game Instructions: He will pay the value of your Skeleton in Whisper-Satin and a bounty in Ostentatious Diamonds for a larger number of legs.

Unlocked with Skeleton in Progress 100, Skeleton: Legs 4

Locked with Skeleton: Menace, Skeleton: Amalgamy, Bone Market Exhaustion 4


Pairs or singletons?

He is already dressing the skeleton in his mind. "We'll get the most value if we show one of each boot. No need to give it matched pairs, eh?"

SkullsAdditional remark about skulls on the skeleton
0He regards the lack of a skull with approval. "It's tidy," he says. "Like a hat-stand. Might even hang my hat on it, come to think of it."
1The skull worries him a little. "Not too dreadful, but I might put a flower wreath on it, or a ribbon[…]
2+The skulls strike him as an extra business opportunity. "Could be I rent out the display space to a neighbouring hat shop."

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