Send the Unfinished Man to teach Fourth City History

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From: Escape from Underclay

Benthic can be liberal in its appointments, provided it is appointing a qualified expert.

Game Instructions: You will receive three Identities Uncovered and Shards of Glim equal to your Stone Confessions and Convincing Falsehoods.

Unlocked with Stone Confessions 25, Convincing Falsehoods 25



(varies by Unfinished Man)

An unknown charity sends you a box full of glim, in recognition of your efforts in Underclay.

Description summary:

Assisting an Unfinished ManDescription
STUDIOUSThe Studious Clay Woman is overcome with delight. "I SHALL BE A SCHOLAR AMONG SCHOLARS." Her missives, written in granite, are meticulous. Unknowingly, she supplies an array of confidences and secrets[…]
RECALCITRANTThe Recalcitrant Clay Man soon discovers one thing that he is not indifferent towards, namely, students. He devotes himself to destroying their dreams with an unyielding zeal: his missives to you are full of delightfully salacious details.[…]
MUTINOUSThe Mutinous Clay Man is delighted to receive a post commanding such respectability. "IT IS BETTER TO DESTROY THEIR INSTITUTIONS FROM WITHIN." He is soon such a weathervane for controversy that the college would find it more trouble to remove him […]

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