Underclay (Guide)

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Placing Unfinished Men Summary
Variable-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
2 A 1+ A 1 A


Raise Stone Confessions and Convincing Falsehoods to target cash out.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 3.30 Raw SPA -
Carousels released with The Great Sink
Carousel Location Secondary Reward
Underclay Spite
Hunting Bees in Old Newgate The University /
L. B. Industries The Blind Helmsman
The Sunken Embassy Moloch Street /
The Spider Symposium The Singing Mandrake


Underclay is a carousel in Spite, released with Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out. It is a variable length grind with two progress qualities: Stone Confessions and Convincing Falsehoods. Each point of these have an assumed value of 0.1 E , as well as a bonus of 2.5 E for turning them in, although this takes 3 actions in addition to gaining the progress qualities. Any surplus points of Stone Confessions and Convincing Falsehoods you may have are exchanged for a secondary reward. The activity focuses on Persuasive and Shadowy.

The carousel is notable for being a good source of Strong-Backed Labour as well as Legal Documents and one of very few sources of Mountain-sherds.

If you leave Underclay without cashing out, you can re-enter and leave without spending actions on it.


Option Challenge Min for 100% Success Failure
Speak to the Calcified Men (redirects to Confessions from the Stone)
Extract confessions from the Calcified Men 125 209 + 30  - 13 
Console the Calcified Man 230 384 + 38  + 5 CP
Listen to the silence 8 13 + 38  + 5 CP
Convince the Calcified Man that you are of Polythreme With Clay Arm (FATE) 5 10 + 33  + 3 CP
Work with the Unfinished Men (redirects to Lies for Clay Men to Tell)
Establish a false Curriculum Vitae 50 84 + 5  + 3 CP
Invent fabricated histories 88 147 + 25  - 5 
Commingle fact and falsehood 10 15 + 33  - 5 
Provide a reference 88 147 + 36 
-1 x Dubious Testimony
-1 x Dubious Testimony
Stage an introduction 125 209 + 30  - 13 


template = GrindAnalyse
name = 
form = form-progress
result = result-progress
param = 1||Grind:Underclay Progress|hidden
param = Template||#RPA# per action:<p>#OPTIMAL#</p>|hidden
param = Resource|Optimise for:||select|Convincing Falsehoods;Stone Confessions;Nothing
param = RPA||per action|hidden
param = maingroup|Main stats||group|Watchful,Shadowy,Dangerous,Persuasive
param = Shadowy|Shadowy|100|int|0-500
param = Persuasive|Persuasive|100|int|0-500
param = advgroup|Advanced skills||group|Kataleptic Toxicology,Monstrous Anatomy,A Player of Chess,Glasswork,Shapeling Arts,Artisan of the Red Science,Mithridacy,Steward of the Discordance,Zeefaring
param = Steward of the Discordance|Steward of the Discordance|0|int|0-20
param = Mithridacy|Mithridacy|0|int|0-20
param = menacegroup|Menace costs (in actions per point)||group|Menace:Wounds,Menace:Scandal,Menace:Suspicion,Menace:Nightmares,Menace:A Turncoat,Menace:Irrigo,Menace:Plagued by a Popular Song,Menace:Unaccountably Peckish,Menace:Ravages of Parabolan Warfare
param = Menace:Suspicion|Suspicion|0.33|float|0-
param = Menace:Nightmares|Nightmares|0.33|float|0-
param = materialgroup|Material costs (in actions per point)||group|Material:Dubious Testimony
param = Material:Dubious Testimony|Dubious Testimony|0.2|float|0-
param = Clay Arm|Clay Arm|0|toggleswitch|1,0


For every additional point of Convincing Falsehoods or Stone Confessions you have beyond the cost of the reward you choose, you will be given a secondary reward of Shard of Glim. The current conversion rate is: 10 x Shard of Glim per extra 1 x Convincing Falsehoods and 1 x Stone Confessions.

Option Cost Reward Secondary reward
Send an Unfinished Man to Spite 50 3 x Strong-Backed Labour Shard of Glim
Send an Unfinished Man to Wolfstack Docks 100 1 x Blackmail Material Shard of Glim
Send an Unfinished Man to Mahogany Hall 600 1 x Captivating Ballad Shard of Glim
Send an Unfinished Man to the Tomb-Colonies 50 3 x Unearthly Fossil Shard of Glim
Send the Unfinished Man to the Duchess 100 1 x Cave-Aged Code of Honour[1] Shard of Glim
Send the Unfinished Man to the Khanate 600 1 x Mountain-sherd Shard of Glim
Send the Unfinished Man to teach Fourth City History 25
3 x An Identity Uncovered! Shard of Glim
Send the Unfinished Man to teach Third City history 50
1 x Storm-Threnody Shard of Glim
Send the Unfinished Man to teach Second City History 300
1 x Searing Enigma Shard of Glim
  1. Exchangeable for Legal Document