Shake down the tout

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From: Find the Affectionate Devil's ticket tout

There he is, lurking outside the Opera House, peddling stolen tickets for tonight's performance of The Necklace of Freyja.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are against you here (success chance: 40%)


'I don't want no trouble.'

The tout sniffs and rubs his nose with the back of his hand. […] 'I give it to one o' the urchins, di'n't I?' he says. 'Telled 'im to get sweets for the crew. They loves their sugared mushrooms, they do.' […] Hangman's Arch. […]

Description summary:
The prime place to purchase sugared mushrooms? Hangman's Arch in Ladybones Road. Maybe you'll be able to track down the urchins if you've got luck on your side.

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"They all look the same to me."

The tout wrinkles up his nose. […] A lot of them devils likes to pay with souls. […] You'd press him further, but a neddy man is bearing down on the two of you. It's time you left.

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