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From: The Princess at Hallowmas

"I have some intelligence to share. If you can help me, first." She laughs. "It's not a command."

Game Instructions: You will gain a clue about the Mystery of the Rosers.

Unlocked with 1 x A Confession of Curiosity, 1 x A Confession of Violence

Locked with A Clue from the Princess


A city that borders dream


In […] her temporary lodging, the Princess recounts the history of the hidden kingdoms of the Presbyterate. […] One such borders Vesture: Arbor, a city built half in dream. The Princess sought its armies once, but […] never found its gate.

Description summary:
The Injurious Princess takes you to her spartan temporary lodgings in the backrooms of the Medusa's Head. (She says she finds the sound of spiders scuttling across hills relaxing… plus the Bank of Vesture has shut off her account.) She tells you the Presbyterate contains kingdoms hidden from the present, in both the past and the future. Those hidden in the past have fallen and lasped into legend; those in the future, like Arbor, wait to reveal themselves, biding their time. She searched where Arbor should be, but could not find it.

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