Sneak a sip of the brandy

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From: Help Bring in Peach Brandy

The rumour is, it's made from the Peaches of Immortality. It's a competitor to Hesperidean Cider! Could it really give you eternal youth?

Unlocked with Connected: The Widow 15

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are strongly against you here (success chance: 30%)


It tastes like fire and mountaintops

You wait until the night-watchmen are occupied with tea and gin […] and slip out with an armful of walking-sticks. You twist the handle off one and take a cautious swig of brandy.

It hasn't made you any younger […] Perhaps it's watered down?


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It tastes like fire and mountaintops

[…Your employers] demonstrate their displeasure with a savage beating. The virtue of the brandy you stole means the injuries they inflict heal remarkably quickly: but if you had other wounds, there is little virtue left over to help with them.