Something in the Water

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What is it about the water on Mutton Island?

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1-5: F.F. Gebrandt is conducting experiments on Mutton Island
5-10: Investigate the Custodial Chef and his strange rituals.
11-12: Return to F.F. Gebrandt
13: Bring a Strange Catch to F.F. Gebrandt
14-27: Attempt to replicate Mutton Island's well-water with F.F. Gebrandt
35: F.F. Gebrandt's success in replicating the well-water's effects were – perhaps mercifully – limited
36: F.F. Gebrandt's attempt to replicate Mutton Island's well-water exploded in your face
37: F.F. Gebrandt's succeeded in replicating the invigorating effects of the well-water – due to your assistance
40: You consumed F.F. Gebrandt's experiment at the Fruits of the Zee. So crunchy. So delicious

Level Change Descriptions

1: What does F.F. Gebrandt want with the Custodial Chef?
2: F.F. Gebrandt is up to something at the Fruits of the Zee.
3: This is hardly the optimal place for a lab.
4: Just what do they do to the water here?
5: Investigate the Custodial Chef and his strange rituals.
6: If you wish to learn more, you'll need to resort to covert tactics.
7: This is not a friendly place.
8-10: You are learning what the Custodial Chef does to Mutton Island's water.
11: Away from this place. Back to the lights of the festival.
12: Gebrandt remains unflustered and unflappable, even now.
13: F.F. has water – and a knife. All you need is something fishy.
14: Time to engage in science.
15: Hardly a successful experiment. But, perhaps, a safe one.
16: Can water be thirsty?
17: Time to put your improvisations to the test.
25: All data is good data.
26: These readings are unusable!
27: A promising first attempt – a patent must surely follow.
35 - 37: F.F. Gebrandt's experiments here have ceased – for now.
40: It is delicious – the water, the glass, the sharp, sharp metal. But it is not enough. Never enough.