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From: Behind Closed Doors at Horatia's

You have located the elusive proprietress of Mrs Chapman's and have a standing invitation to tea.

Unlocked with Backstage at Mrs Chapman's 5, Whispers Behind Mrs Chapman's exactly 1


London's most stalwart landlady

[…] A blend of rich Assam tea sits in the pot, while she busies herself with a sample. The sample will […] be part of a series on lesser-known psalms. There's scotch too, if you'd prefer. She doesn't partake herself, but she doesn't judge either.


Description summary:
The second paragraph changes with your level of Acquaintanceship with Mrs Chapman. The last paragraph changes during the various Festivals throughout the year.

Mrs ChapmanSecond paragraph
1[…] she tells you a little of her history. This house has been hers since before the Fall. […] her doors were open to all who need it. She doesn't charge rent anymore – patrons provide for the upkeep. There's a lot more that use Mrs Chapman's now, she says […]
2[…] Horatia tells you of the tunnels beneath the house and the deeper underground below London's surface. Much of her discussion is theoretical – she no longer gets out these days – but reveals a surprisingly informed perspective on the subject.
3[…] she discusses the Fall with you. The experience of being in a building as it is pulled, along with the rest of the city, below the earth. The sound of great wings. The screams, the rubble. Of sheltering […] She falls silent for a long time afterwards.
4You sit with Mrs Chapman by the fire, not talking. You read, she knits. She asks for your help on occasion, and provides critical commentary on your novel. Nothing more need be said. She hopes you'll visit again.
Current FestivalLast paragraph
London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional RoseMrs Chapman is perturbed by the season. "I don't make it my business to judge anybody. But always look to love, as they say. Nowhere does it say anything about roses."
London's Season: WhitsunMrs Chapman gives you a sly wink as you turn to leave. "The question nobody's asking is not why the eggs. Or even what are the eggs. What you should be asking is: why the eggs, now?'"
London's Season: Hallowmas[…] "Much to do," she says. "So much to listen to this time of year. I don't show my face, of course. But the house has a way of letting those in need know that they can talk if they like. And if someone talks in this place[…] someone has to be listening[…]"
London's Season: ChristmasMrs Chapman has her own eggnog to share before you leave. "A leftover from Whitsun," she says, handing you a mug. "And a reminder of darker days. Without the sun, things can get very dark indeed this time of year."

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