Start biting your fingernails and look away

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From: Foul!

The [Number] Circle has the sliotar and is poised to score another goal.

Unlocked with Betting on the Hurlers 1 - 2

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are strongly against you here (success chance: 30%)


No harm

You don't even nibble your pinky. […] There's nothing to worry about, because no penalties have been applied. After all, there's no referee to apply them. Just like there's no lager in your hand, and you're not taking a […] sip to celebrate a close call.

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Lift and strike!

[…] You have nothing complimentary to say […] considering that it was flawless. They might as well just give the points away, if the only thing required to earn them is complete mastery over the game, superior reflexes, and unwavering support from highly […]

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