Stormbones (Against the Zee's Currents)

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From: Against the Zee's Currents

Action Cost: 0

The cold northern rim of the Zee.

Unlocked with Zailing towards exactly 6 (hidden)


Ice and silence

The zailors bundle themselves up […] The wind always blows from the North […] it's always uncomfortably cold. […] even the false-stars seem to avoid this corner of the Neath – nowhere else is gloomier. The world looks grey and lifeless, like a cheap tintype.

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  • Island3small.png Wind from the North. You zail the Stormbones. (You've moved to Stormbones)
  • Waves4small.png Wind from the North. You zail the Stormbones. (Sets Zailing on: to Stormbones)
  • Anglercrabsmall.png You zail on relatively safe waters. (Sets Zee Peril to 110 - Relatively safe)
  • Waves3small.png Zailing... has been reset! A new leg on your journey, or an arrival at port? (Resets Zailing... to 0)
  • Sailorsmall.png You've gained 1 x Zee Legs

With ( Zailing to Destination: / 100) exactly 6 (rounded down):