Strange Catch

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Dragged unwilling from the deeps.

Hire a fishing boat on Mutton Island to land a Strange Catch.

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Level Change Descriptions[edit]

1: You inspect your catch. What is it? Apart from glistening, wriggling and rude?
2: If you crossed a pumpkin with a lobster you'd get the front end of whatever this is. The other end is best undisclosed.
3: It squirts ink of electric violant as you wrestle it into the boat. Accept your defeat in good grace, wretched echinoderm!
4: At first you thought you'd caught a pair of gossamer eels. But no. One eel; two heads. They both frown at you.
5: Something fleshy, purple and shy retreats into its knobbly shell, which is crowded with fierce glyphs. Natural? Or has someone been illuminating crustaceans again?
6: Your catch flops around in the bottom of the boat, droning like a bored bee. It would look like a starfish, if starfish had a guileless brown eye blinking on each arm.
7: Your catch is inconveniently ambulant. It keeps trying to wander grumpily back into the water. You give it a good talking to and hit it with an oar.
8: Your catch flutters luxurious rainbowed fins, prim as a peacock.
9: Oh, look. Just what fish needed: pedipalps. You get a close look at them as it gamely tries to catch your head in a net of sodden silk.
10: Gills? Yes. Groping photophores? Yes. Spines pregnant with caustic venom? Yes. Verifiably yes.
11+: The thing sighs and lifts nine tentacles toward you. Each holds a soggy candle stub. You're not falling for that. Into the pot with you, marine horror.