Submit to the Inconspicuous Clerk's Inquisition (Churchward/Orthodoxy)

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From: Churchward: The inquisition

He has a confessional, a list of all parishioners, and an infinity of patience.

Unlocked with Church: Orthodoxy > Church: Iconoclasm

Locked with A Church in the Wild 50


At the Bishop's pleasure


"The Burrow Church is, I'm afraid, entirely orthodox. […]

"What does this mean for us?" The Reverend asks […] The Bishop rubs his chin. "Well, since you've done such a bang-up job here, I can make a case for your continued stewardship of the Church. […]

Description summary:
The Church is found to be entirely acceptable to the Anglican Communion. Southwark is both annoyed that the church is the Church's problem, but also pleased to have a foothold closer to Hell.

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