Summon the Manager of the Royal Beth with your Nightmares 2

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From: Amongst the Standing Stones

...and offer him the desire of his heart, the Shard of the Mountain that will make a city of him.

Unlocked with Ambition: Heart's Desire! 3000, Nightmares 5-7, Where Stones Don't Stand 2, Awaiting the Outcome of the Baroness' Proposal (hidden)

Locked with Hurlyburly, Wounds 8, An Eager Substitute in the Form of (a Double of) the Manager of the Royal Beth


Opponent and Ally

The Manager[…] listens[…]

[…]"There is nothing I want more. […]Some form of me must remain[…]"

The Manager's gaze snags[…] he does not know what he knew a moment ago.[…] you will have to explain again[…] you will need a way to give him two futures from this point.

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Success Instructions: Depending on your familiarity with the Hurlers, this might prove a challenging exercise. There are other ways to advance the story, but only this way to give the Manager his heart's desire.
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