Take out the old Marvellous deck

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From: The Rewards of Ambition

You could perhaps risk a game of Solitaire. When you do, the cards have begun to reveal old secrets.

Game Instructions: This will grant a mix of rewards and reduce your Nightmares, Scandal and Suspicion.

Unlocked with The Marvellous


Moving on

The cards remember you. […]

Sometimes they hint at things yet to come. […]

[…] did you make the wrong decision, forgoing your heart's desire? How many shots at that does a person get? More than one, you're willing to bet. More than one.


Description summary:
The last paragraph varies based on The Airs of London.[1]

AirsLast Paragraph
1 - 39You hear that Virginia has organised a security detail for herself: a phalanx of burly goat-demons, and that she will not walk the streets of London without them.
40 - 59You hear that the Manager has retreated, hiding from sight. It's whispered that he's been seeking a new collection of nightmares from the imaginings of his poor patients, of impossible cities and endless conurbations.
60 - 79The Bishop of St Fiacre's has organised game nights in the rectory. "It's fine if it's in the Lord's house," he says to all who ask, and besides he is the Bishop. He has, he says, developed a taste for cards, now that the stakes are gone.
80 - 99Mr Pages spends its days fulmigating in the London papers. Its hatred of the simian is only equalled by its newfound loathing of 'quitters and surrenderments'.
100You hear that the Topsy King has developed a taste for light operettas. On certain nights, it's whispered, the Flit becomes a merry place where wit rules the day – and thought of heavy operatic burdens are laid aside.

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  1. Note: the text is based on the new Airs value, after it is randomized.