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From: Debating Matters of Business with the Board

You've convinced the board to add a guard car to the train, increasing its security.

Unlocked with Question before the Board exactly 200 (Add Train Defences)

Locked with Uncommitted Board Members



1It will not be entirely cheap. There will be modifications to the train itself, of course. Then the guards have to be selected, trained, and salaried. They will also need uniforms […] quite a tidy sum. But the risks of travel will be that bit lower.
2A knife and a pistol won't do for the guards on your trains. They are not there to enforce the ticket fares; they're there to fight off armed attackers from the outside. They need rifles!
3The guards have already been trained, but you will need more, and salary costs will rise. You have to hope that when there are two on a train, they will be a little braver about confronting threats.
4Brighter lights, bigger guns. It's not a simple business defending a train out in the darkness, when its enemies might approach from any direction.
5Perhaps you've been thinking about this wrong, simply hiring a few glorified Constables with rifles. Maybe it would be more accurate to think in terms of the train going to war. What would a war-train require? Cannon like a battleship?
6The ammunition will be costly and loud, but you know where to acquire such things. It is time to put aside any foolishness about wanting this to be a civilian service.

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