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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
  • Type - Only use this if the action has more than one Failure and this is not the first one listed. "alt" for Alternative Failure, "rare" for Rare Failure.
  • Failure title - The title of the Failure message.
  • Failure description - The Failure's description. When entering please be very mindful of Trimming Guidelines!
  • Failure summary - We want to move this Wiki in a more user-generated direction (just like the best Wikis out there) so we would like users to summarize the failure's description in their own words.
  • Failure Instructions - Same as Game and Success Instructions in {{Action}}, but for failures.
  • Wiki Note - Player-provided note providing more information or clarification.

Other related templates are: Template:Action, Template:Rare Success, Template:Success.

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