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Use {{I|<item/quality name>}} to generate item and quality images - without needing to remember file names!


* {{I|Shadowy}} '''[[Shadowy]]''' is increasing...

Technical Details

The template is similar to {{IL}} (but only generates images, not the corresponding text links). This makes it easier to use, especially for new editors and in visual editor mode.

The generated images will automatically link to the associated item or quality article. {{i}} uses the same image database as {{IL}}, so there's still only one place to update images.

The template tries to locate and use the small (40x52px) version of all images ­regardless of which image version was specified in the image database – there might still be the occasional bug related to that, please bear with me … and by all means do tell me if you run into one!

Please note that none of the {{IL}}-parameters are supported. The only optional parameter aside from the mandatory item/quality name is "Large", which, if set to any non-empty value, will display a downscaled version of the file "Example.png" instead of automatically using "Examplesmall.png" as outlined above. Use it to force usage of the non-small variant if the two differ, or in cases where no suitable small image exists (e.g. certain lodgings locations).

No description.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Page name1

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if non-empty, will display a downscaled version or large xxx.png instead of xxxsmall.png


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  • long multi-line spans: cleaner look if using |left, automate?