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Ensures the text argument does not exceed 250 characters, as described in the Editing Guidelines on this Wiki. Text longer than that limit is truncated, an error message is displayed in the article, and the article is flagged for review.

This Template is intended for use by other Templates rather than direct use in Wiki content. It should used as a "guardrail" to help inexperienced Wiki editors adhere to the Editing Guidelines. It should apply to any Template field that is intended to include direct quotes of game text to which the Editing Guidelines apply.

Elipses in brackets such as "[…]" do not count towards the character limit and should be used to represent game text that has been elided to fit the length requirements. Double- and triple-single quotes for ''italics'' or '''bold''' are also not counted for the character limit.


  • 1 The first positional argument is the game text to be truncated.
  • chars The character limited before truncation occurs. Defaults to 250. Intended for cases where a quote is split between multiple fields, in which case the character limit for the second field can be set to 250 minus the length of the first field.

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