The Achlian Midnight

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From: An invitation to Beatrice's Tea Shop

A speciality tea from the Elder Continent, grown in utter darkness.

Game Instructions: This tea decreases Scandal and increases Steadfast, slightly.

Unlocked with 1 x Free Evening, Invited to Tea at Beatrice's

Your friend needs 1 x Free Evening

When Sent

Deep and dark

You are seated in one of the darker corners […] The gloom seems to intensify the scent […] floral and metallic […] it leaves a deep impression of juniper and anise […]

[…] You sit in darkness and silence, slowly attuning to every […] gradation in the flavour […]

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In Messages Tab

You will receive:

  • You completed a Social Event: An invitation to Beatrice's Tea Shop with [friend's name]
  • You shared a cup of Achlian Midnight with [friend's name]

Your friend will receive:

At Beatrice's, [Your name] shared a cup of Achlian Midnight with you; a dark, anise-scented tea from the Elder Continent