The Case of the Starving Poet

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From: Working with the Honey-Addled Detective

The Honey-Addled Detective admires his reflection in the bowl of a silver honey-spoon. "The rumour is that this gentleman is plotting against the Masters of the Bazaar. Our client wishes you to determine if there's any truth in the rumours."

Game Instructions: Increase your Detective's Progress to 15.

Unlocked with Engaged in a Case: No Current Case

Locked with Acquaintance: the Starving Poet 1


Salvation or damnation

"Show him to be innocent, and you will be paid well. Show him to be guilty... and there may be a bonus."
  • Chapposhsmall.png You are now pursuing the Case of the Starving Poet. (Sets Engaged in a Case: to 1 - the Starving Poet)