The Enshrinement of Waters

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Description summary:
The description varies with Stage of the War.

Stage of the WarDescription
3The interior of the temple is silent. […] The atrium is empty now, its braziers unlit. In the echoing chamber, you and the Gentleman seem small, as though inadequate to the scale of the place. The fountain remains, expelling a thick, silvery mist.
10[…] "[…] I just wanted the Satrap's gifts for myself alone. […] I was to take the place of the other eleven. Over and again I would be renewed. And should I wish to end my debt early, well. I must find others. […] Somehow I have never quite convinced another […]" […]

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Unlocked with with a redirect from Enter the Enshrinement of Waters

Storylet appears in The Dolorous Pavilion


Approach the fountain
Follow the Gentleman
Wait for the Ophidian Gentleman