The Gate of the Nadir

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From: Pursuing an Archaeological Expedition

"Here," the Firebrand says. "I'm certain of it." He stabs at the map, almost illegible now with annotations.

Unlocked with Archaeologist's Progress 60, An Expedition: Seeking the Cave of the Nadir (The Cave of the Nadir)

Locked with Rivals' Progress 10


Very close now

The Missionary raises an eyebrow. […] "Are you quite sure?" […]

[…] "If you don't like my directions, you can always go home."

They glare. You interrupt the tender moment by rousing the camp to alarm as a blemmigan-swarm erupts from a nearby bog […]

Description summary:
The Missionary is doubtful and points out that your team would've travelled in a circle if this is the location. The Firebrand isn't swayed. Their glaring is interrupted by a swarm of savage mushrooms, which rouses the camp. You're close to the Gate of the Nadir now.

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