The Cave of the Nadir

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From: Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter

Your uneasy allies await you in a refurbished caravanserai at the Quarter's edge. "We'll need an Eyeless Skull for the first step," he says. "They turn up across the Quarter. I think" – he hesitates […] – "there is a connection with the Nadir."

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Game Instructions: This is a difficult Expedition. Ensure your Watchful is above 100 and stock up on as many supplies as you can manage – 60 at the very least. But once you've found the Cave, you can return more easily.

Unlocked with Archaeologist 5, 1 x Eyeless Skull, Route: The Cave of the Nadir exactly 1, 60 x Crate of Expedition Supplies

Locked with An Expedition:


Grim business

[…] The pair of them disappear behind an abandoned pottery kiln. You wait with the Missionary. Sizzles, snaps, a muffled cry... and then a wind out of nowhere, an airy darkness that shrinks the lamp-flames but doesn't stir a hair on your head.


Description summary:
The Firebrand is with an urchin. You wait while the Firebrand rids the urchin when out of sight. He returns, saying the urchin wanted the skull for himself. The Missionary compliments him. The Firebrand informs you that February has taken interest.

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Conclusion: The Gate of the Nadir

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