The Green King

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"It arrives in a pale envelope. Your name and address are written in a mossy-hued ink. The details are correct to the letter, but the invitation is to a club you have never heard of: a group calling themselves the Old Pretenders."

An invite in emerald; a woman in scarlet; an exclusive dining club that meets but once every seven years. What do these things have in common, and what on earth do they want with you? Infiltrate London's upper crust and learn the moves of a game long in the playing. Ensure your piece becomes a king rather than a pawn. Beware the pull of a castle across the zee.

This is a FATE-locked story.

Author: James Chew
Artist: Erion Makuo
Editing and QA: Luke van den Barselaar, Bruno Dias

It was originally published as an Exceptional Story in December 2023.

The story can be unlocked from The Fate page for 45 FATE points.
It can be reset for 25 FATE points.

More information can be found here.

Notable Rewards and Tie-ins

Starting Storylet