The Icarian Cup (Story)

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The Icarian Cup returns to London! A daring boatrace around the Southern Archipelago, the prize a magnificent trophy (and a bounty of sapphires)! Pay no mind to the talk about the race being 'cursed' and 'ships disappearing' or 'the race was closed in 1868 after too many captains disappeared'. All that matters is that the Icarian Cup is back and in need of captains brave enough to run the race!

This is a FATE-locked story.

Author: Harry Tuffs
Artist: Tobias Cook
Editing and QA: James Chew

It was originally published as an Exceptional Story in December 2020.

The story can be unlocked from the Fate-page for 45 FATE points.
It can be reset for 25 FATE points.

More information can be found here.

Notable Rewards and Tie-ins

Starting Storylet

Permanent starting storylet